COVID - 19 Impact         

The Pandemic has exposed the inherent inequalities in our system when it comes to work, healthcare, and cost of living. If our economy comes to a grinding halt in an emergency like this, our economy doesn’t need to reopen at the expense of our lives. Instead, our system needs to be reimagined from the ground up. Under the assumption that pandemics can happen again, since they’ve happened before, we need a system that can account for many people losing their income, any workplace-tied healthcare or benefits, and likely childcare or educational services. We can’t let ourselves get caught unprepared again and have horrific discussions of “acceptable loss of life” in order to support our flawed economy. It's our economy and it should work for us. 

I have a fantastic union in the American Federation of Teachers, that made sure I kept my healthcare and wages during this trying time. All of us deserve guarantees to our hard-earned wages, our healthcare and consistent income. All workers deserve a union and all workers deserve these protections.