Workers' Rights

No one should have to choose between caring for themselves when sick or going to work. Between medicine and food. Between having a home or having a car. We need to do better as a state and as a community to make these problems things of the past. Increased paid sick leave, increased minimum wage, and programs that address homelessness and hunger in a head on way are necessary and have been for a long time. Wealth inequality was growing at an alarming rate before the pandemic, and it would appear to be only getting worse. Taxing the rich their fair share is a reasonable idea, but when the other choice is letting people starve or fail to meet other basic necessities, it's the only path forward.


Connecticut is streets ahead of many other states on a variety of environmental policies, but much more can be done. As climate change worsens, we won’t always know ahead of time what changes need to be made. We need people in office that will always prioritize protecting our planet over corporate profits, period. Not when it's convenient, not when it's popular, always. We need to be ready with new innovative ideas such as: solar powered public transportation, increased funding for community garden projects, public awareness campaigns on the importance of bees and the protections they need, bans of harmful pesticides like Round Up and zero food waste campaigns that encourage supermarkets to donate unsold food rather than throwing it out.


Healthcare is a human right. It is not treated as one though. Frequently when universal healthcare is brought up at the federal level the argument against it always seems to be the scale of such a project, but that argument holds no water when it comes to our state. Connecticut is small, and a wealthy state even compared to others in the wealthiest nation on earth. To say what countries larger than Connecticut have accomplished is unrealistic here is absurd. To say we don’t need it even as we witness a pandemic alter our world is absurd. And to look at the suffering our for-profit healthcare system costs, and not wanting to change it, is more cruel than absurd.


As an educator I see how empowering, necessary, and revolutionary the act of learning is. Therefore, we need to fight for equality in our education system, not only for the special education students I serve but for all children. It’s time to stand up for tuition free state colleges and vocational training. As the economy and world evolves we are developing the workforce of the future and a comprehensive guaranteed higher education for children of all class levels.